What is the best home remedy for dog mange? If you’re searching this question then you are in the right place.

Typically, mange is one kind of skin condition which is particularly caused by a very small parasite called mites. Mange is one of among devastating skin diseases that you will see a pet ever faces off. The constant itching, as well as the sore and bruised skin, causes a pain and discomfort situation which turns a fun-loving and happy dog into a sad and frustrated mess ones.

Below there are 18 Secret home remedies for dog mange.

Olive Oil is the best home remedy for dog

This remedy is successful in many cases. So, apply olive oil on the affected skin surface. While moisturizing the dog’s skin, it smothers the mites also works on preventing itchiness.

Wash dog used all linens

While washing the furniture, always remember to clean your doggy’s linen which could be your dog’s clothes, bed cover, etc. Thus, the rogue mites get cleansed and prevention of skin’s irritating infections.

Aloe Vera is another best home remedy for dog

Many dog owners found this extract of aloe vera useful. Aloe vera helps in comforting the skin also reduces itchiness and irritation. In addition, it also works as an anti-bacterial quality that helps on preventing further infections.

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil can be used for treating mange. Apply it on the affected skin area and over the coat regularly/every other day. The soothing effect will keep the fur and skin healthy.

Yogurt is one more best home remedy for dog

For mange another popular remedy is yogurt. Usually, most dog owners, slather yogurt on the affected surface for treating mange.


Sometimes the mixture of water and lemon juice works on treating dog mange. Apply it to the affected area and the mixture’s acidity will kill the mites.


Garlic can be used to fight against dog mange. Mix a combination of garlic (5/10) cloves and lemons (1/2) peel into ½ cup of water for 10 hours then spray it on the affected skin area.


Honey has many incredible properties. The antioxidant and antiseptic properties help in healing the sore skin also tender it. So, apply it directly to your dog’s sore skin area.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Many owners believe that apple cider vinegar works as a miracle cure for mange. The acidity of it kills the parasites from the dog’s skin. So, applying a topical application of it might work for your dog.

Benzoyl Peroxide

You might be familiar with the antibacterial benefits of benzoyl peroxide. To cure your dog’s irritated and sore skin of further infection you can use benzoyl peroxide shampoo.  

Hydrogen Peroxide and Borax

For mange, a popular treatment is Hydrogen Peroxide and Borax solution sponge bathing to an infected dog. This helps in healing skin sores also resolves mites. So, apply this remedy on regular basis for a better result.

Wash your dog is a natural best home remedy for dog

It’s important to clean your mange-affected dog as much as possible. Warm water is ideal for that because it’s more soothing than cold water that may worsen its symptoms.

For irritation use Benadryl

Extreme itchiness is one of mange main symptoms. It could lead to bad coat health and skin infections. So, Benadryl became useful because it’s an antihistamine that is used for treating allergic reactions in dogs. Therefore, it helps on reducing inflammation and itchiness.

Maintain your dog’s diet

Sometimes, treating manage is to feed it well. Poor appetite is one of the real causes for the parasite infestation and it makes worse dog’s immune system. So, maintain your dog’s feeding routine.

Steam clean carpets & upholstery

The parasites (mites) thrive in dirty also in humid conditions and on places such as furniture upholstery or carpets. So, steam clean these exteriors.

Medicated Shampoo

Medicated Shampoo can be used for this skin issue. This shampoo contains a combination of antimicrobial which prevent infections also parasites.

Neem Oil & Turmeric Infusion

For this infusion, you will need to low heat turmeric root and water in a pan for about 30 minutes. Then with leaf infusion mix it and apply it to dry on your dog twice a day for 2 weeks.

Oatmeal Bath

For irritated skin, an oatmeal bath is an effective relief remedy. The anti-inflammatory proteins of oatmeal help in relieving inflammation and itchiness. So, to wash your dog use shampoos that are oatmeal-based.


Dog mange should’ve been treated as soon as possible because if it’s left untreated then it can cause a sore-covered, hairless dog in a very painful condition. What is the best home remedy for dog mange? hope that now you find the answer to it.