If you have a dog who loves computers, then it’s important to find the right gift for them. If your dog is like mine, they spend most of their time on my laptop surfing the internet and watching YouTube. So I’ve compiled this list of useful gifts for dogs who love computers.

List of gifts to give a dog that loves computers

There are many great gifts that you can get for your dog if it loves computers. A set of headphones, a remote control, computer glasses, and even a keyboard or microphone will be sure to make your dog happy and excited about the gift. You can also get them post-it notes as well as a plasma globe lamp which will be sure to please any tech lover in the house!

give a dog that loves computers

A set of headphones

If your dog loves to stay glued to its computer screen, consider giving them a set of headphones. This way, they can listen to music while they work or watch movies while they play games. Headphones come in all shapes and sizes, so pick one that will fit comfortably on your dog’s head (and ears).

Headphones are also great for blocking out other noises—like those pesky kids who keep calling you on the phone. And if you want to use the headset for training purposes, it’ll help make sure that humans don’t hear any commands given by your dog without permission!

A remote control

Your dog will love this gift. Remote control is an excellent toy for a dog who loves computers, even if you’re not teaching him how to use one. It’s also a great way for you to play with your computer-loving dog and teach him how to use the machine by pressing buttons and seeing what happens when he does so. Some dogs may not be able to figure out how the remote works on their own, but most dogs should be able to learn quickly if you show them how it works first before giving it to them as a gift.

Computer glasses

For the dog that loves to be on the computer, you can purchase computer glasses. The glasses have a small screen in that shows text messages and alerts. The glasses also come with a microphone and speakers for video chatting, watching videos and listening to music.

A keyboard

The first thing you should do is make sure your dog has access to the computer keyboard. He can’t play with it if he can’t get up on the desk and reach it, so you’ll want to set up his chair or bed near the computer.

Next, check that he knows how to press keys on a keyboard. If he doesn’t know how to type, try teaching him using this trick: First, get him used to typing by pressing random letters on your keyboard while making noises like “clickety clack” or “beep beep boop.” Then start introducing more complicated words such as “cat” and “dog,” but only when they’re actually present in front of him (for example: “Clickety clack cat! Clickety clack dog!”). Eventually, he should become familiar enough with what happens when certain keys are pressed that he tries doing so himself whenever he sees them printed out—and voila! You’ve got yourself a new typer-dog friend who can even spell things properly too!

A microphone

Microphones are used in a variety of settings, from recording studios to live performances. They can be used to amplify sounds and record them, but they also have the ability to communicate with other people by sending sound waves through the air.

Many dogs enjoy listening to music and talking on the phone, so when you find an opportunity for your dog to say “hello” or “I love you” in a microphone, take it!

A computer mouse

A mouse is an input device for a computer, usually used to move the cursor and select text and objects displayed on the screen. The earliest known publication of the term ‘mouse’ as referring to a pointing device was in Bill English’s 1965 publication “Computer-Aided Display Control” (PDF).

The interface was invented by Douglas Engelbart at Stanford Research Institute in 1963, who described it as a ‘bug’. His patent application included what may be the first published picture of this device (see Fig. 1 below), with the caption: “a block diagram of an electrical schematic showing my improved mouse.”

Post-it notes

An interesting option is post-it notes. These can be used for training and games, but they also represent a computer keyboard! If you’re trying to teach your dog what a keyboard looks like, this is a great way to do it.

A plasma globe lamp

The good news is that you can find a lamp that will provide your dog with hours of entertainment. The plasma globe lamp is designed to mimic the look and feel of a plasma ball. It’s perfect for dogs that like to play with balls, as well as those whose owners want them to have something to do when they’re not around. Unlike traditional lamps, which take up valuable space in your home, this one won’t clutter up your living room or bedroom—it sits on the floor and glows at night.

A drawing tablet

Drawing tablets are a form of digital drawing. They use a pen that’s connected to the computer, and you can use them to create art on your computer screen. Drawing tablets are used by artists who want to draw digitally without having to buy expensive software or set up complicated graphics programs.

Drawing tablets work by using the pen as an input device for the computer. The user holds it like a regular pen or marker, but instead of making marks on paper, they make marks on their screen (or tablet). The tablet will translate those movements into data for whatever program is being used with it—and voila! You have created something beautiful!


There are a lot of great gifts for dogs who love computers. The key is to find something that your dog will enjoy and that you can afford. We’ve covered some of the best options here, but there are plenty more out there too! Remember that the most important thing is to make sure whatever gift you choose fits with your dog’s personality so they feel comfortable using it in their everyday life.