The answer depends on the temperature of the room and whether or not your dog is comfortable in that temperature. In some cases, a blanket can help keep your dog more comfortable in the crate when it’s too hot, but there are other times you might want to leave them out.

If you have a dog that doesn’t like the crate, it’s important to make sure they’re comfortable when they’re in there. A blanket can help with this, but it’s not necessary if your dog is already comfortable without one. If your dog is cold when they are crated in normal room temperatures, however, then it may be necessary to put a blanket over them.

Should You Put a Blanket Over a Dog Crate?

Should You Put a Blanket Over a Dog Crate

Blankets can make it more comfortable for your dog to be in the crate. However, blankets can also increase the risk of overheating and make it difficult for your dog to see and hear you while he’s in his crate.

If you decide to put a blanket in your dog’s crate, make sure it’s not too big so that he won’t get tangled up in it when he moves around. Also, keep an eye on him so that if he does get tangled up, you’ll be able to free him before anything gets damaged or permanently damaged.

Dog Crate Cover and Blanket Tips

  • Avoid using a blanket that is too heavy. The blanket should be lightweight and soft enough not to add extra weight to your dog’s crate.
  • Choose an appropriately sized blanket for the size of your dog’s crate. Some blankets come in multiple sizes, so you can choose the size that fits best with your dog’s crate (and their personality).
  • Choose a color and pattern that fits with your dog’s breed and personality. Does their coat have more than one color? Does it have white markings on either side of its face? Are they shy or outgoing? Make sure the colors in the blanket complement these features!

If you’re going to wash this item often, make sure you check its care instructions before throwing it into the washing machine.

Why cover a dog crate

A crate is the safest place for your dog to be when you’re not home, and it’s also a great tool for housetraining. But even though a crate is necessary in some cases, that doesn’t mean you can’t make it as comfortable as possible. You can use blankets to keep your dog warm and cozy while they’re inside the crate, but there are other benefits too!

Here are some of the main ways that using a blanket in combination with your dog’s crate will help them feel more secure:

  • Blankets give an extra layer of protection from drafts or fluctuations in temperature. This can be especially helpful if you live somewhere cold where temperatures fluctuate along with seasons (or even throughout the day).
  • A blanket makes it easier for strangers to approach without scaring them off – this is especially important if you board your pet at kennels or take them on car trips often!
  • Blankets offer privacy from passersby—no one will know what your furry friend is doing when they look through their window pane!

Don’t Cover Your Dog Crate Too Much

The blanket can be a dangerous place for your dog. Blankets can cause suffocation, overheating and entanglement.

Suffocation: Dogs have a natural instinct to burrow into dark places and this means blankets can pose a risk to them if they are in their crate back there with no other way out. Even if you leave the blanket open on top, it’s still a potential problem because dogs like to snuggle into soft things, which may cause them to get stuck under the blanket and unable to breathe properly.

Overheating: If you use the same blanket all year round then it could be too hot in hot weather and not provide enough warmth during cold months – especially if your house is kept at room temperature all day while you’re at work/school etc., so it makes sense that your dog would feel hot or cold regardless of what season it is outside when he/she needs comfort most (i.e., when being house trained).

Entanglement: Dogs can get tangled up in blankets and this is especially true if they are puppies or have very long fur. If your dog is still teething then he/she may chew on their blanket and ingest a piece of it which could lead to an intestinal blockage.

Should You Put a Blanket Over a Dog Crate

Using a Crate Cover While Your Dog is Not in the Crate

While your dog is in the crate, a simple blanket or sheet will suffice. However, if you want to keep your dog warm or cool while he’s not in the crate and still have a safe place for him to rest, consider using a crate cover. A good example of this kind of product is the Snoozer Cozy Cave Dog Crate Cover by MidWest. It’s made from 100% cotton canvas that comes in three sizes: small (27″x23″), medium (33″x28″), and large (40″x34″). Each version has an attached pillow that can be easily removed when washing is needed. The entire ensemble attaches directly onto most wire crates via hook-and-loop closures on each corner; no tools are required for installation.

In most cases, you should refrain from putting blankets or any other soft materials into your dog’s crate.

  • Blankets and sheets provide more than just comfort for your pet. They can cause risk of suffocation if they aren’t removed before the size of the blanket or sheet blocks his ability to breathe comfortably.
  • Pillows are also prohibited because they can cause serious neck problems if ingested by your dog while he sleeps in his crate. You should never allow pillows near a dog’s crate because they may be tempted to chew on them while they’re bored during the day or at night when everyone else is asleep!

Blankets can keep dogs comfortable

However, blankets should not be used just any way they will fit into the crate. A blanket that is too big or thick can cause your dog to suffocate if they accidentally roll over on top of it. It is also important that you make sure that there are no holes in the blanket so that your puppy’s paws get stuck inside them while trying to move around during rest time! If a blanket has holes, try cutting them out with scissors until it is safe enough for use inside of a crate.

If you want to keep your dog warm at night but do not want them sleeping directly on top of an old t-shirt or sweatshirt from college days gone by then consider purchasing one instead (or even two depending on how cold it gets outside!). You could also opt for purchasing some kind of heating pad specifically made for animals such as these which would make sure both sides were covered evenly without worrying about getting tangled up underneath anything else lying around nearby when going about doing whatever else needs done during those late nights when everyone else seems asleep already excepting maybe one person who just couldn’t sleep tonight because everything seemed extra loud compared with usual times we go through life without paying attention anymore than necessary while doing work related tasks etcetera ad nauseam.”


It’s a good idea to put a blanket over the crate at night, especially if you live in a cold climate. This will keep your dog warm and comfortable while they sleep. You should also make sure that the blanket doesn’t cover up all of the air vents on the top of their crate so that it can remain ventilated overnight as well!