How to clean dog eye boogers? Many dog owners/lovers quite often get worried about this question.

Dogs are the most wonderful creatures on the planet. But, sometimes it can be a little bit gross/messy. Like human beings dogs can get eye boogers too, it’s known as dog eye gunk. It usually stains from the dog’s facial fur and might be a mixture of dirt and discharge from the dog’s eye which is attached to its face.

While doing a very good dog grooming for their pet dogs, many dog owners easily forget that one area is that dog’s eyes. A dog’s vision is not among its incredible senses but it’s important for ensuring your pet’s eyes stay healthy. In addition, a good cleaning can stop any eye infections (bacterial) such as sties or ulcers from developing over the eyes. In this article, you will learn how to clean dog eye boogers, crusts, and stains safely.

How to clean dog eye boogers

Usually, the dog eye boogers are soft. So, it shouldn’t stick to the dog’s eyes. However, the eye goop which has moved to the dog’s eyes inner corner can be removed safely by using a gentle hand.

Things you’ll be needed:

  • Eyewash
  • Tear stain remover
  • Washcloth/ Paper towels
  • Pet hair trimmer

Follow the 4 easy steps below:

Step 1. Calm the dog

Firstly, calm your dog before touching its face. As we all know a very sensitive part of the body is the eyes – which can easily be poked by you if the dog starts struggling.

Step 2. Trim the dog

Trim the facial hair of your dog, before starting cleaning. This process is very efficient for canines which has long fur because while wiping the eye boogers out it might spread.

Step 3. Clean the dog

For cleaning your dog, apply tear stain remover (a small amount) on the washcloth or paper towel. Then, around the dog’s eyes wipe it gently where the eye boogers are situated. To prevent the further spreading of eye boogers all over the dog’s face, from time to time keep changing the paper towel.

Step 4. Use an eyewash

At last, after you finish cleaning all the visible eye booger from your dog’s eyes – give it an eyewash. Moreover, all the remaining dirt gets cleaned by this process. Now, wipe it, and don’t apply too much because the solution might drip on your dog’s face.

Cleaning dog eye tear stains

The tear stains of dogs are quite common. Tear stains in some dogs may look like the dog’s eyes have some kind of black gunk coming out of them. The tears aren’t just black it can also be turned into reddish or dark brown stains on its face. To clean your pet’s tear stains, apply the tear stain remover.

The eye boogers, as well as the tear stains, are both caused due to matting on the dog’s face, in case not cleaned instantly.

Cleaning dog eye crust

A dog eye cleaner might not be necessary for any typical eye goop but it can be useful for crusty eyes.

Use the cleaner on the outer part of the dog’s eye and wipe the outside of it. Just like on the tear stains, you can also use the tear stain remover here. This helps remove the crust eye by loosening and softening it. Make sure to use this only on the eye crust which is located outside of your pet’s eyes. Wet on the crusty parts of your dog’s eyes and then wipe it with the help of a damp rag.


You should acknowledge cleaning the eye boogers on your dog’s eyes, as it’s a part of grooming. This helps in preventing future infections. Consult with the dog’s vet for a regular checkup, if you notice any health problems. I hope that this article on how to clean dog eye boogers was helpful to you.

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